Heat Exchanger for Refrigeration Industry

We are engaged in providing high technology range of Heat Exchanger for Refrigeration Industry. Our collection of Refrigeration Heat Exchanger is based on the principle of fluid transportation. When the medium of cold and hot fluid go through the plates, the plates form runners and seal it using gaskets. With the gasket, the cold and hot fluid flow each runner and transfer the energy alternately. The high efficiency of heat exchanging enables the crinkle design of plate to reach high turbulent flow. The full countercurrent, gasket plate heat exchanger is offered with 1°C or less temperature. The gasketed plate heat exchanger consumes less space and reduces the installation space to ¼. In addition, it also reduces the weight to 1/3 of the tubular exchanger. Being a reputed Manufacturer and Supplier, we have been offering the range with different types of plates to meet the exact demands of the patrons.

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Heat Exchanger
EQUIPMENT Heat Exchanger
SIZE 350 mm OD x 4000 mm Long
MOC Low Temperature Carbon Steel

Heat Exchanger
CUSTOMER Tecnimont
EQUIPMENT Heat Exchanger
SIZE 1250 mm OD x 6000 mm Long
MOC SS 304 / SS 316

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