Heat Exchangers

The company is counted amongst the major manufacturers and suppliers of a different types of Heat Exchangers. We have been designing a matchless range of Industrial Heat Exchangers for different sectors such as Refineries, Fertilizers & Gas Processing Plants, Petrochemical & Chemical Plants, Refrigeration Industries and Marine / Defence Applications. We have been catering to varied demands of different sectors with high end product line for Wet H2S service. We have attained proficiency in supplying Tube Bundles to Prestigious refineries and Sakaphane coated Heat Exchangers for extremely corrosive media.

Pressure Vessels (India) has fully computerized design office with latest software and can undertake Thermal & Mechanical Design to comply with International Codes & standards. PV(I) is dedicated to design & manufacture Heat Exchangers for: 

  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical & Chemical Plants
  • Fertilizers & Gas Processing Plants
  • Refrigeration Industries
  • Marine / Defense Applications

PV(I) can supply Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers for Wet H2S service which calls for NACE & HIC resistant material. Heat Exchangers with Clad Tubesheet (Carbon & Alloy Steel cladded with Brass, Bronze, Cupronickel, Monel, SS, Titanium etc.) is our strength. PV(I) has developed number of welding procedures for welding wide variety of metals under reputed inspection agencies like LR/DNV/BV/TUV and many more. PV(I) is now adding strip cladding facility to its existing facilities of GTAW, SMAW, SAW, GMAW & FCAW. 

PV(I) has specialized in all types of Heat Exchangers. Floating Head Heat Exchangers of TEMA Class AES/BKU/AEP/AJW/AKT are regularly manufactured by PVI.

Product Range
Design Code TEMA/ASME/PD5500/IS2825/EN 13445/AD 2000 Merkblatt any Other International Standards.
Capacity Upto 10000 m2 surface area
Tubesheets Plain, Forged or cladded with Aluminum Bronze, Naval Brass, Cupronickel, Duplex Steel or Titanium
Tubesheet Drilling On CNC / Radial Drilling Machines upto 200 mm
Tube Expansion Electronic Torque Controller / Hydraulic
Tube – Tubesheet Welding Manual by TIG Welding
Testing Hydro/Pneumatic or by Helium

Material of Construction Normally used in Pressure Vessels (India)
Carbon Steel Material as per ASME Carbon Steel as per EN 10028 Stainless Steel As per ASME S.S. / Sandvik Grades EN / W. Nr Duplex Super Duplex AS per ASME Copper & Copper Alloys As per ASME
A 285 - C P 265 GH 201, 304, 304L 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4541, 1.4550, 1.4435, 1.4436, 1.4438, 1.4845 S 31803 SB 171 / SB
A 516 - 60 P 295 GH 309/309S Sanicro 28 (1.4563) S 32750/32760 C-36500-Muntz
A 516 - 70 P 355 GH 310 254 SMO (1.4547) C-44300-Admiralty
A 204 - A P 275 NH / NLI/NL2 316/316L Sanicro 30 C-46400-Naval Brass
A 387 - 12 - 2 P 355 NH/NL1/NL2 316 TI Sanicro 41 C-61400-Al. Bronze
A 387 - 11 - 2 P 460 NH / NL1/ NL2 317/317L Sanicro 69 C-63000-Al. Nickel Bronze
A 387 - 22 - 2 16 MO3, 13 Cr MO 45 321, 321H, C-70620-Cupronickel 90:10 Mod.
SA 537 Cl1 16 MO3, 13 Cr MO 45 347, TP 17-4PH C-71500-Cupronickel 70:30
SA 537 Cl2 10 Cr MO 910 904L C-71520-Cupronickel

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