Pressure Vessels

PV(I) is a well known manufacturer of Coded Pressure Vessels, Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchangers & Columns. All the material comes directly from the reputed mills or from manufacturers under 3.2 certification duly inspected by reputed inspection agencies. Competent Design, quality raw material & skilled work force ensure precision fabrication of highly critical Pressure Vessels. The range & material of construction used in Pressure Vessels is as given below.

Product Range
Design Code ASME Section VIII, Div I, PD 5500, AD Merkblatter, PED 97/23/EC, IS 2825 or any other international standard.
Capacity Upto 500 M3 ( 5,00,000 Liters water volume)
Diameter Upto 6 meters
Shell & Dished End Thickness Upto 100 mm or more
Weight Upto 200 tons
Length Upto 60 meters, with suitable field joints.

Material of Construction Normally used in Pressure Vessels (India)
Carbon Steel Material as per ASME Carbon Steel as per EN 10028 Stainless Steel As per ASME S.S. / Sandvik Grades EN / W. Nr Duplex Super Duplex AS per ASME Copper & Copper Alloys As per ASME
A 285 - C P 265 GH 201, 304, 304L 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4541, 1.4550, 1.4435, 1.4436, 1.4438, 1.4845 S 31803 SB 171 / SB
A 516 - 60 P 295 GH 309/309S Sanicro 28 (1.4563) S 32750/32760 C-36500-Muntz
A 516 - 70 P 355 GH 310 254 SMO (1.4547) C-44300-Admiralty
A 204 - A P 275 NH / NLI/NL2 316/316L Sanicro 30 C-46400-Naval Brass
A 387 - 12 - 2 P 355 NH/NL1/NL2 316 TI Sanicro 41 C-61400-Al. Bronze
A 387 - 11 - 2 P 460 NH / NL1/ NL2 317/317L Sanicro 69 C-63000-Al. Nickel Bronze
A 387 - 22 - 2 16 MO3, 13 Cr MO 45 321, 321H, C-70620-Cupronickel 90:10 Mod.
SA 537 Cl1 16 MO3, 13 Cr MO 45 347, TP 17-4PH C-71500-Cupronickel 70:30
SA 537 Cl2 10 Cr MO 910 904L C-71520-Cupronickel

Gas Storage Vessels

Pressure Vessels (India) has won a reputation for impeccable quality and total reliability in the design and manufacture of pressure vessels, Columns and Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers, These Equipments are designed by experienced staff using latest software and as per international standards like ASME, PD 5500, IS 2825, PED 97/23/EC, AD 2000-Merkblatt, EN 13445, PESO SMPV Rules 1981, IBR (Indian Boiler Regulation 1950), API 650 or as per customer requirement. 

Pressure Vessels (India) have excellent welding facilities and skilled workforce to manufacture quality equipments in different material of construction. Pressure Vessels (India) can easily supply vessels for LPG or any gas upto 500M3 water volume in our plant at Chakan.

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Vessels for Water Treatment Plants

For Last 20 years Pressure Vessels (India) has been supplying various water treatment vessels like Mixed Bed Exchangers, Activated Carbon Filters, Pressure Sand Filters, Duel Media Filters etc. with Quality rubber lining (Natural Rubber / Butyl / Ebonite / Neoprene etc), Stainless Steel internals including Strainers and screen Laterals, Ladders & platforms etc. PV(I) is also manufacturing spherical vessels used in condensate polishing. Pressure Vessels (India) has supplied entire Water Treatments Plants to many prestigious installations in Middle East, Europe, Asia & Africa.

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Vessels for Refrigeration & Cryogenic Applications

Pressure Vessels (India) has been manufacturing stainless steel vessels used in the transportation of liquid gases at -1960C. Material of construction is generally SS 304. Pressure Vessels (India) is also manufacturing carbon steel vessels used in refrigeration for application in the range of – 40oC to – 60oC. These vessels are generally made in SA 516 Gr 60/70 , SA 537 Class I & II.

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Vessels for ship building Industry

Pressure Vessels (India) has been approved by different classes like American Bureau of Shipping, RINA, DNV, LRS. PV(I) has been exporting Bulk storage tanks to different shipyards around the world. PV(I) have supplied Bulk storage tanks to shipyards in Saudi Arabia, Italy, China, Romania, Singapore and USA. PV(I) is also supplying refrigeration equipments used on ships.
Material of construction varies from SA 516 Gr. 70 to SA 537 Cl. I & II.

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